Virtualization woes

This storm has been brewing (in hindsight) for the last couple of months, but shit only hit the fan today when Pure-ftpd was fired up.

It’s a quite simple setup, windows 8.1 pro, VMware and a few virtual machines used for debugging and a basic network and internet connection.

The transfer speeds weren’t great, but hey it’s still way better than the internet connection we have. For legacy purposes we installed Pure-ftpd and started it without a problem, the VMware host connected just fine, so far so good.

But as luck ran out for the rest of the day no other machine was able to connect, a “quick” hour of happy debugging later and nothing was fixed.

The first clue came from a ping, all machines reported “(DUP!)”, a closer inspection with Wireshark revealed that all virtual machines had this issue (even the Windows server and the VMware host). All packages were being quadrupled, most protocols seemed to handle this just fine, except for the FTP.

Some quick googeling pointed towards the “Routing and Remote Access” service, but since that was already disabled and no other interesting suggestions popped up it was nearly back to square one. It did however lead to the simple test of disabling the “Base filtering engine” which did do the trick for some unknown reason.

As we don’t care about the machine’s firewall and don’t need ipsec either the case is closed for now.